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About Pre-k Martial Arts

We realize the importance of early childhood development. Our Pre-K Martial Arts class is built to specifically fit 4-5 year olds. This program takes into account the learning capability of this age group, building the skills needed to succeed in our kids program later.


  • Age specific goals

  • Over a decade of refining curriculum

  • Instructors with high energy levels

  • Classes are fun

  •  We promote on good training behavior

Thumbs up for Next Generation Martial Arts Pre-K Martial Arts classes
Martial Arts students get better grades


 Training martial arts will help develop your child's ability to focus. The Pre-K Martial Arts Program forces children to focus and reinforces that ability with class rewards in the form of extra training repetitions. The ability to focus directly crosses over to traditional scholastic education.

Meet Your Instructors

Over 25 years of combined experience in our kids program
now taking the role of instructors

Next GenerationPre-k Martial Arts in Thibodaux
Ty Smith

Head Pre-k Martial Arts Instructor

Born into a martial arts family, Ty began training as soon as he could walk. Having competed in and winning countless competitions around the country between BJJ, TKD, and MMA he has accumulated a healthy dose of experience. His high energy level and experience is perfect for teaching young children. There's a reason he's our favorite instructor amongst the kid's.

Next Generation Martial Arts Pre-k Martial Arts in Thibodaux
Paul Hingle IV

Assistant Pre-k Martial Arts Instructor

Paul began training at Next Generation Martial Arts in 2016. He's worked his way into the adult classes and currently holds the rank of Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu blue belt. Paul's mental toughness during training and competition has been an impressive to say the least. His work ethic is unmatched and his calm demeanor suits him well for working with children.

Next Generation Martial Arts Pre-k Martial Arts in Thibodaux
Patrick Waguespack

Assistant Pre-k Martial Arts Instructor

Patrick has been a part of our kids program since day one in 2016, literally. A natural born teacher, he's assisted in plenty classes and always works well with anyone he's paired with. Spending more than half his life training on our mats and has given unique and valuable perspective. He knows what it's like being the new five year old and he's young enough to relate to their mentality. Patrick is also our first student that will receive college funding through our program.


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1100 D Canal Blvd, Thibodaux, LA 70301


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