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About TKD in Thibodaux

     At Next Generation Taekwondo, we teach Olympic style TKD with an emphasis on sparring applications and forms to build technique and focus. Our main goal is using the combative side of martial arts to help the individual student improve their overall ability to deal with stress, confrontation, and daily life challenges. Martial arts is vehicle to help people break thru mental barriers so they can improve themselves and abilities. We look forward to helping you along your journey!

Tae Kwon Do Classes for Kids

     Our kids tae kwon do classes are best suited for kids 6 years an older. (check out our Pre-k Martial Arts program for children younger than 6). Our kids classes are built around teachings gained from close to a century of combined experience amongst our instructor staff. We compete in regional and national level Olympic Style TKD competitions. 

     However, our biggest goal as martial arts instructors in instilling self discipline, control, confidence, respect and humility in our child students. One of the greatest rewards as an instructor is watching children grow and helping them gain the tools needed to be successful. 

Next Generation Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do (TKD) competitor from Thibodaux, LA competing in regional AAU competition
Next generation martial arts student breaks five bricks during his Tae Kwon Do black belt test in Thibodaux, LA

Tae Kwon Do Classes for Adults

     Adult classes can be a great way to maintain flexibility, mobility, timing, and body maintenance. There are a host of benefits to training martial arts that are obvious to us as adults. The physical exertion is a great way to relieve stress at the end of a long day. One of the more important benefits of martial arts is the bonds you make with your training partners. The sense of community gained with your training partners is something that is difficult to find anywhere else.  


Next Generation Martial Arts Master Tae Kwon Do Instructor Jason Derouen

Jason began his journey in martial at 8 years old. His passion for martial arts has kept him involved for over three decades and he shows no signs of slowing down. At age 38, he acheived the level of Master (4th degree black belt) under the strenuous requirements of the KUKKIWON WORLD TAEKWONDO Headquarters, making him the only instructor with such credentials in the tri-parish area. 

Jason Deroun

Head Taekwondo Instructor

Next Generation Martial Arts Assistant Tae Kwon Do Instructor Lee Dufrene

A Thibodaux native, Lee's martial arts began by training under the late Dr. Edward "Master Lee" Lee in 1988. It was there he studied the arts of Hapkido, Judo and Taekwondo until the year 2002 when Master Lee retired. During that time, he was one of Master Lee's hand picked instructors from 1994-2002. Having competed in many tournaments around the country throughout the years, he most memorable event came in the 1992 Junior Olympics, held in Orlando, FL. where he was able to make the podium and finish with a silver medal. Lee is currently a 3rd degree black belt. 

Lee Dufrene

Asst. Taekwondo Instructor

Next Generation Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Instructor Brady Delatte

Brady  began training martial arts in 1992 under Master Edward Lee in Thibodaux, LA. Under Master Lee he studied Taekwondo, Judo and Hapkido. He earned his 1st Dan Taekwondo Black Belt in 2000. In 2005 he joined the Marine Corps and continued training a variety of martial arts from instructors around the country. After getting our of the Marine Corps he moved his family back to Thibodaux, LA. He is now a student and instructor under Master Jason Derouen, and his son Brayden is a student as well. Brady enjoys watching kids progress and gain confidence in themselves through the teachings at Next Generation Taekwondo.

Brady Delatte

Asst. Taekwondo Instructor

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