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Warriors of Hope - Fighting Spirit

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


Warriors of Hope Kickboxing Smoker

On August 26, 2023 Blacklist Martial Arts had their annual kickboxing smoker. The event was for Warriors of Hope, a special event because it honors an individual. A child. Brock Larisey was a young man fighting cancer, who's last wish was to be remembered. A wish that continues to make positive difference in the world even after his passing. His struggle. His fight. Gave him a perspective beyond his years. Love is the strongest power that exists. I believe he understood that and it's the reason Warriors of Hope was founded.

His love.......has given life in his memory.

Rest easy Brock, you will be remembered!

Warrior of Hope
"Finally get to go home" Brock Larisey 8-24-18

Learn More about Warriors of Hope and Brock by visiting


Fighting Spirit

A fighting spirit comes from an individual soul. Some are born with it, and some have to cultivate it. Either way it's a quality martial arts instills in it's students. Individuals with years of training know exactly what this means. This doesn't mean you are the best fighter on the planet. It's to know, fighting is in your spirit.


How You React In Times Of Stress

You push aside fear and doubt to find something greater in your being. You've walked past the threshold of unknown, and stand in front of a problem that looks to destroy you. You live the experience by taking in extreme levels of stress. Your body produces hormones that change time and you. Live in this moment without fear. When fear starts to peer, your fighting spirit stands in front providing cover.


After The Test

Walk away with your head tall. Know you fought your heart out. The end result of the fight doesn't matter. You tested your heart and spirit. In times of extreme stress people respond one of three ways: fight, flight, or freeze. If your fighting spirit provided cover for it's partners, you passed the test by refusing to accept defeat.


Student Highlights

Paul Hingle IV and Mike Lee both tested themselves yesterday at the Warriors Of Hope Kickboxing Smoker. I'm proud of the performance these two put on yesterday.


Paul started at Next Generation Martial Arts years ago as a pre-teen. It's been an honor and blessing to have him as part of our program for so long. However, NGMA cannot take credit for his performance yesterday. Justin Verdin and Extreme MMA in Houma have been working with Paul on his striking for quite some time. What they have done with him has been amazing. We watched him become a bit more of a man yesterday. Paul we are all proud of you buddy!

Paul trading in the pocket

Paul lands a lead hook

Mike Lee is a martial artist, it's as simple as that. His demeanor embodies it. Plus, as Shane Thibodaux put, "he looks like he can kick your whole hip off." Yesterday was more proof of that. Mike it was an honor to have you represent us yesterday.

Mike lands a lead teep


Here's a list of the other competitors that tested themselves yesterday at the Warriors of Hope Kickboxing Smoker.

Thanks for the show and the show of Fighting Spirit!

  1. Braylon Lockhart - Empire MMA

  2. Aidan Zoble - Louisiana Muay Thai (LAMT)

  3. Aidan McDaniel - UFC GYM

  4. J.T. LeBouef - Blacklist Martial Arts & Fitness

  5. Grant Arceneaux - Louisiana Muay Thai (LAMT)

  6. Tyler Anderson - Progressive

  7. David Drago - Mid City MMA

  8. Cody Simmons - Blacklist Martial Arts & Fitness

  9. Tristen Saavedra - Mid City MMA

  10. Johnny Gloves - Mid City MMA

  11. Aaron Bacon - Bayou Jiu-Jitsu

  12. Keith Mays - Mid City MMA

  13. Ivy Musso - Extreme MMA & Fitness

  14. Gage LeCompte - Evolution Training

  15. Ryan ? - Louisiana Muay Thai (LAMT)

  16. Charles Hue - Empire MMA

  17. Zachary Phillips - Bayou Jiu-Jitsu

  18. Justin Ternois- Mid City MMA

  19. MJ Nicholas - Mid City MMA

  20. Moe Mizell - Blacklist Martial Arts & Fitness

  21. Willian Bucklew - Blacklist Martial Arts & Fitness

  22. Seneca Joseph - Gladiators Academy

  23. Richard Lopez - Blacklist Martial Arts & Fitness

  24. Kevin Ward - Progressive

  25. Maverick Becker - Mid City MMA

  26. Bradford Cheramie - Blacklist Martial Arts & Fitness

  27. jaiden Burnett - Blacklist Martial Arts & Fitness

  28. Roman Pizzolato - Empire MMA

  29. Jimmy Owensby - Fusion Boxing of Cutoff

See y'all next Sunday


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