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Upcoming BJJ competitions to close out the year

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Click tournament poster to register.


Tap Cancer Out is a great event for a great cause, highly recommend.

Visit to learn more about this organization.


This AGF event is in Biloxi

Scotty will not be able to attend this event


NAGA in Westwego


If you are a first time competitor, this is the event for you. Great event for a great local charity. This is a local charity event sponsored by Bourgeois Meat Market and Next Generation Martial Arts.


Grappling Industries in Austin, TX. This event is a bit of a drive but Grappling Industries guarantees multiple matches with their round robin-ish format. Texas is a hot bed for jiu-jitsu that has solid competition.


Last event of the year. Close by in Westwego.

Scotty might not be there


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