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ON THE PATH. DOER's. PARTNER's. GOOD PARTNER's. TEACHER's - Martial Arts in Thibodaux, LA

In any martial art, there are four essential roles needed to create an environment conducive to learning.

On the path to conquer mountains



DOER's are newer students or individuals that have not learned to relax. These individuals will use every bit of energy needed to accomplish THEIR goal. They are hard chargers, gritty, and tough. All are great qualities but hinder learning if it's the only tools they have. Naturally more aggressive, DOER's must learn to relax so they can know what to DO and when to DO it. Relaxing can take years to learn, but it's needed for developing technique. A DOER that learns to relax becomes a good training partner.


  • hard worker

  • high grit level

  • task oriented


  • attribute reliant

  • lacks calmness

  • moves without thought



The PARTNER is sometime more passive by nature, and unlike the DOER more willing to relax. They want to learn but can be overly passive in their attempts to do so. At times they lack resistance and wilt during training. This happens because they are trying to be to good of a partner. The PARTNERS natural willingness to work with people is a great quality for improvement. However, they need to learn how to work properly with their partners. Being to passive is as problematic as being overly aggressive. The PARTNER that learns to give the correct resistance becomes a good training partner.


  • willing to work with partners

  • wants to learn


  • might lack grit

  • might lack pressure

  • sometimes to technical



GOOD PARTNERS understand how to be the DOER and PARTNER, and are capable of playing both rolls during training. Understanding the importance of being the GOOD PARTNER, they are; unselfish, relaxed, technical, and gritty. They've learned to control their output level making them capable of reading what their partners need through pressure. Everyone wants GOOD PARTNERS.


  • high degree of self control

  • relaxed

  • technical

  • unselfish

  • gritty

  • creates good training partners

  • team player


  • will be taken advantage of at times



Responsible for setting the tone of an academy, the TEACHER knows the difference between a DOER and PARTNER, and builds them into GOOD PARTNERS. TEACHERS are not always the most capable individual in the room, but they have the respect and generalship of the room because they've walked the road their students are on. They are not only on THE PATH, they live it.


  • has been the DOER, PARTNER, and GOOD PARTNER

  • excellent fundamentals

  • gives back to students


  • sacrifices body for his academy


THE PATH is the way to finding yourself, and not specific to martial arts. Your choice of path is defined by your personality and interest. It can be through carpentry, music, dancing, etc. All that's required is knowing how you walk it. One step at a time. No short cuts. No stopping. THE PATH has no end and is forever walked. It's your walk to self discovery and excellence.

See y'all next Sunday
See y'all next Sunday

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