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8.9.23 NGMA Today - Martial Arts in Thibodaux, LA

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Today's schedule at Next Generation Martial Arts in Thibodaux, LA

4:30pm Pre-K Martial Arts - Today Ty will be covering sit ups for the basic exercise movement and the jab for striking. The jab is a punch borrowed from western boxing and is considered the most important tool in all of striking.


5:30 Kid's Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu - Today we will review the same material as Monday, so we can reinforce the drills and techniques. Class will start with our typical warmup, followed by Back Control 101 and choke defenses for each belt rank. We will finish class with Back Control Escape drilling.


6:30 Adult Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu - Half guard is a fundamental guard that you must be able to pass. Half guard is similar to side control with your trapped leg being the only difference. One basic way to pass is by understanding how to use underhooks from side control. Learn the pressure and pinning ability from the underhook and apply it to top half guard. This is what we call the "Underhook Pass". Anthony Vining will cover this passing position this evening. He has a fundamentally solid half guard from top and bottom so he understands the basic principles needed for success


6:30 Adult TaeKwonDo with Jason "Cajun Ninja" Derouen


6:30 Adult MMA - CSA 4 point striking with defense, NGMA wall fighting, situational wall fighting Tonight we are going to recover our class from Monday night. CSA 4 point striking drills followed wall fighting curriculum and situational wall fighting.


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