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8.24.23 NGMA Today - Martial Arts in Thibodaux, LA

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Today's schedule at Next Generation Martial Arts in Thibodaux, LA

12:00pm Adult Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu (Gi) - One of the most useful open guards there is, is the Butterfly guard. It works well in Gi, NoGi, and MMA. The main reason for this is because of it's positioning. If you are playing it, you are always looking to be in a seated position. This gives you a better opportunity to get yourself back to your feet while maintaining a clinch on your opponent.


4:30pm Little Kid's Tae Kwon Do -

5:30pm Big Kid's Tae Kwon Do -


6:30pm Adult NoGi - Tonight we will be working single leg entries and finishing with a double leg. After the takedown we will work on passing from the 2on1 hub. This hub has a connecting point with the cradle position we've been working the last two weeks. This will be covered tonight as well.

wrestling the cradle position
Thomas and Dennis working transitions from the cradle position


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