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8.13.23 Training Mindset

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

What is the proper training mindset? The answer to this question varies from person to person, but the common thread amongst everyone is, we train to improve. How we go about improving has a great deal to do with our personality, temperament, and our personal goals. We need to understand that our training can help us by developing self control that forces us against our nature. This type of training is a long and difficult process, because you are fighting against the natural tendencies of your being.

Ask yourself, "what is the weakest part of my game?" Now take a second at think about this before reading forward. How did you answer that question?

Did you figure it out? Was it escaping bad positions, guard passing, defending takedowns, etc? Most, if not everyone reading this probably thought something along those lines. The truth is, it has nothing to do with a technique or position. The weakest part of all of our games will always be mental, and that's where we need to focus on improving. As Homo sapiens, we tend look to for improvement by avoiding or problem solving our way around issues instead of facing them head-on. In this instance we are more similar to the cow instead of the bison. *(read to the end to see how the Bison handles a storm)*

To conquer mental lapses that force us away from facing struggle, we have to deal with things that we dislike or we've had bad experiences with. Those experiences might have come from some sort of trauma that we rather not face again. Which is understandable, but without facing it head on we are prolonging that amount of time it has control over us.

Train your mind to fight against it's natural tendencies. If you are a naturally aggressive individual, force yourself to be a little more passive on the mat. By doing this it will allow you to learn patience, technique and improve your timing. If you are naturally passive, force yourself to become more aggressive. If you ever find yourself in a fight for your life, being passive is not going to save you.

We must remember the goal of martial arts is to teach us to be mental prepared for life's challenges. That mentality is built every time you put on your gi. Regardless of your rank, the process of tying your belt should always remind you of these character traits; humble, benevolence, honor, loyalty, and capability. Each of those traits should grow deeper into your character as your belt darkens.

Every time you enter your academy to train, remember your training mindset and what it means. You are there to improve, Martial Arts is the vehicle that help you along "The Path".


Why do we have a Bison as part of our logo?

For starters it's the "National Mammal" of the United States of America, and often used on official seals, flags and logos throughout North America. Native Americans revered the Bison and considered it a sacred animal and religious symbol.

One truly fascinating characteristic of the Bison is how the react to an approaching storm. A herd of Bison will, Face A Storm and charge right thru it. They do this to minimize the time spent in the elements and push thru to better weather conditions. They intuitively know it's better to suffer thru the storm instead of hoping to avoid it. We can learn so much from this tough, rugged and sacred animal.

When faced with a struggle in life; do you hide and hope it goes away, or Face Your Storm the same as the Bison?

*Don't Run

*Don't Avoid It

*Don't Hope It Goes Away

*Face Your Storm Head On

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